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Thief of Time
CD - $14.95
THIEF OF TIME delivers 11 new songs that take Artie Traum's award-winning guitar playing and song writing to a new level. Supporting players include Tony Levin (bass), Warren Bernhardt (piano) and Gary Burke (drums). Multi-platinum artist Donna Lewis adds her vocals to the Brazilian groove in Back In The Sugarcane. John Sebastian plays baritone guitars on "When You Insult A Man," while Joe Flood, Wendy Waldman, Amy Helm, Teresa Williams, Kenny Edwards and Jim Photoglo provide vocal and instrumental support throughout the CD.

Acoustic Jazz Guitar
CD - $14.95

A fantastic compilation of his very best HOT guitar tunes recorded between 1992-2004. The tracks are all fully produced and each tune has incredible musicians backing him: Tony Levin, Scott Petito, Warren Bernhardt, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, The Band (Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Jim Weider), Steve Swallow, Cindy Cashdollar, Neal Wilkinson, Vinnie Martucci and many more! Some of the tunes on this collection hit #1 on the jazz charts in the 1990's. Others won national awards like the 2001 NAV Award and earned a top pick in Jazz Times. Artie said "these tracks represent the highest level of my work." There's even a "bonus" track "Hot Lunch" with Scott Petito on bass and Sam Zucchini on drums.

South of Lafayette
CD - $14.95

Artie Traum's SOUTH OF LAFAYETTE is collection of 10 original songs - a fusion of folk, jazz and singer/songwriter styles.

Meetings with Remarkable Friends
CD - $14.95

" ... another milestone in the career of a remarkable player and songwriter whose work defines the vitality and sophistication of American acoustic music." - Julie Bergman, Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Letters from Joubee
CD - $14.95

A skillful collage of acoustic, jazz and folk influences. The '#1 adult Alternative Instrumental Album' for six weeks - The Gavin Report.

The Last Romantic
CD - $14.95

The CD features 14 new acoustic pieces by Artie. He was joined on the project by Steve Swallow (bass), Frederic Hand (guitar), Tony Levin (bass) and Dean Sharp (percussion).

The View From Here
CD - $14.95

A fairly commercial, smooth jazz CD with 22 guest musicians. 'Top 30 smooth jazz CD' (Gavin Report/1997)

Acoustic Heart
CD - $14.95

An excellent compilation of lyrical acoustic guitar pieces by some great players!

Very Best of Smooth Jazz Guitar
CD - $14.95

A terrific collection of funky smooth jazz guitar hits, including work by Lee Ritenour, Artie Traum, Acoustic Alchemy, Larry Coryell and more.

Easy Chords and Progressions:
An Effortless Way To Make Your Songs Sound Great

By moving one finger to a different fret, a familiar chord takes on a whole new quality! Move a chord shape to a different position on the neck and you have a rich, advanced-sounding progression! Welcome to Artie Traum’s lesson in how to use chords to enhance basic folk, country, blues and rock songs.

Artie designed the perfect lesson for anyone who’s looking for ways to make guitar accompaniments come alive. He focuses on the basic chord shapes you probably use all the time (D, G, E and C) and shows you how you can transform their sound by incorporating altered notes, open strings, bass lines, barre chords and a variety of other techniques that will help you create beautiful accompaniments.

So, if your songs are sounding a little ordinary, or you want to jump-start a new one you’re writing, this world-class player’s easy solutions will simply make them sound better. Artie’s lesson is fun, relaxed and filled with numerous guitar tips, musical ideas and easy songs, including Sloop John B, Corrina, Worried Man Blues, Barbed Wire, The Water is Wide and Diamond Joe.
One hour, 15 minute DVD, including music and tab - $29.95

Easy Steps to Blues Guitar Jamming - 2 volumes
DVD - $29.95

Many people have asked Artie "How do I jam with friends at parties or at gigs?"He replied "You've got to start with the basics and slowly build confidence and chops. I'm happy to say our new DVDs on jamming are a great introduction to improvising and playing with a friend."

Artie, along with his brother Happy, designed these lessons so that even a beginner will be able to play along. However they're filled with a huge amount of material for players at all levels. There's plenty of detailed instruction, good songs and inside advice. You'll find techniques on how to trade riffs, use chord inversions, move around the fingerboard and improvise creative solos. You can also jam along with us. We provide rhythmic backup for each song. There's no simple way to learn to jam, but these DVDs will get you going. And where else will you see Happy and me playing together on video!
  Volume 1: PLAY ALONG AND LEARN - Songs: New Stranger Blues, Key to the Highway, How Long Blues, Trouble in Mind, 2:19 Blues, Move to Kansas City.
One hour, 45 minute DVD - $29.95
Volume 2: EXPLORING THE KEYS OF C, D and G - Songs: Country Boy Blues, Take It Slow and Easy, Keep on Truckin' Mama, Relax Your Mind, The Blues Ain't Nothin', Move to Kansas City and Step It Up and Go
One hour, 15 minute DVD - $29.95
Volumes 1 + 2 - Two DVD set - $49.95

Essential Riffs For Acoustic Guitar
DVD - $29.95

Here's a lesson that's packed with dozens of important licks, each one a time-tested musical phrase that will help you become a strong lead guitarist. Artie starts so simply that even beginners can learn to play these riffs over a variety of chord changes and blues progressions. As the phrases get more advanced, you'll see how to use slides, bends and other techniques, and increase your speed and dexterity with the use of hammer-ons and pull-offs. A discussion and demonstration of minor key jazz-blues phrases will round out your repertoire of riffs and will allow you to create hot solos or jam with your friends using the terrific techniques Artie teaches. [one 55-minute DVD, including music and tab]

Essential DADGAD For Beginners DVD 1
DVD - $29.95

Here is an easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want to explore its unique sounds on the guitar. It brings beautiful progressions, unique chords, ringing open strings and rich tones to your playing. [one 55-minute DVD, including music and tab]

Essential DADGAD For Beginners DVD 2
DVD - $29.95

More and more guitarists are discovering the powerful harmonies and rich chord formations that become magically available in DADGAD, and this video is your logical next step in understanding and mastering this popular guitar tuning. [DVD includes music and tab]

Essential DADGAD For Beginners DVD 3
DVD - $29.95

Learn chord positions and progressions up and down the neck [ 60-minute DVD includes music and tab]

Essential DADGAD For Beginners DVDs
Complete set of 3 DVDs

DVD - $69.95

These three DVDs make an easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want explore its unique sounds on the guitar. It brings beautiful progressions, unique chords, ringing open strings and rich tones to your playing. [three DVDs including music and tab]



Essential DADGAD for Beginners, Volumes 1, 2 & 3
VHS VIDEOS ALL 3 for $25

Essential DADGAD for Beginners - 1
VHS VIDEO - $29.95 NOW $10

An easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want explore its unique sounds on the guitar.

Essential DADGAD for Beginners - 2
VHS VIDEO - $29.95 NOW $10

Artie Traum demonstrates DADGAD applications in traditional mountain ballads, fingerstyle blues and contemporary songs. Includes music + tab.

Essential DADGAD for Beginners - 3
VHS VIDEO - $29.95 NOW $10

Award-winning guitarist Artie Traum takes you on a tour of how this tuning has enhanced his powerful original songs and instrumentals. Includes music + tab.


Essential Blues For Acoustic Guitar
BOOK/CD - $19.95
Artie Traum explores essential blues techniques in fret-by-fret detail for both finger and flatpick styles. CD plus 54 page book.

Essential Riffs For Acoustic Guitar
BOOK/CD - $14.95

Guitarist Artie Traum delivers a lesson that teaches more than a hundred powerful riffs for blues, bluegrass, country and folk styles. CD plus 48 page music + tab book.

Essential Chords and Progressions For Acoustic Guitar
BOOK/CD - $14.95

A Must for Every Guitarist's Library! Expand your chord knowledge and make your playing come alive with this CD plus 56 page music + tab book.

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